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Language Event

11th December 2013

Students took part in a Language Event, demonstrating that they are Proficient Communicators, Compassionate Citizens of the World and Confident Individuals. It was impressive to see just how many different languages are spoken at LAS!


In 1st place with 108 points was the Red Lynx

Joint 2nd place with 107 points was the White Tigers and Silver Snow Leopards

3rd place with 98 points was the Black Lions

Quarter 1 Results!

1st place – Silver Snow Leopards – 173 points

2nd place – Black Lions – 164 points

3rd place – White Tigers – 147 points

4th place – Red Lynx – 140 points


Silver Snow Leopards will have none uniform for the 1 whole week (Mon 4th November to Friday 8th November).


23rd October 2013

Congratulations to all the students who participated in the LAS Jogathon. It was an enjoyable event where students demonstrated their prowess at running. In the Elementary and Early Years event, all four teams were very evenly matched. The Red Lynx team ran an impressive 10,050metres, but incredible the White Tigers, Silver Snow Leopards and Black Lions all came joint 1st running a total of 10,100metres!

The Middle and High School event was exciting to watch, with lots of impressive running on display, especially from Mr. Serbent. Again it was close fought, the Red Lynx ran 21750metres, the White Tigers and Silver Snow Leopards both ran 22250metres, but in 1st place running a total of 24,000metres was the Black Lions. In total students at LAS ran over 125Kilometres! Well Done to all.

Geography Event

9th October 2013

On Wednesday students took part in a Geography event organized by Mr. Igor Valentic, as part of their school house’s. Students in Middle School were asked to locate as many countries as they could on a world map, whilst High School students labeled the capital cities. Following these activities students completed a Geography quiz. All Houses performed well on the task due to the international make-up of students at LAS. The results were:

Middles School

1st Black Lions and Silver Snow Leopards       -       2nd Red Lynx       -       3rd White Tigers

High School

1st Black Lions      -      2nd White Tigers and Red Lynx      -      3rd Silver Snow Leopards

Sport Event 3

11th September 2013

The Black Lions once again showed their dominance in middle school soccer, this time defeating the White Tigers 8 - 3. A strong performance from Arata Yoshikubo helped the Silver Snow Leopards beat the Red Lynxes 32 - 24, Mr. Jamal was quoted as saying "Who is hat guy? I like that guy!". In High School volleyball the White Tigers had too much for the Black Lions winning 2 sets to 0. This week we introduced badminton and in the first fixture the Lynxes beat the Snow Leopards 8 - 7. Well Done  students! 


Mathematics Event

4th September 2013

Students participated in a highly enjoyable Mathematics event, organised by Mr Sherbent. Students moved around different classrooms to estimate the number of objects in different containers, including ping pong balls, M&Ms. Demonstrating LAS core values of creative thinking and effective communicating to discuss their calculations and methods of estimating with their house mates. Following the collection of results the Whit Tigers were awarded 10 points, Red Lynxes 12 points, Silver Snow Leopards 7 points and Black Lions 12 points.

Sport Event 2

28th August 2013

Once again there were tightly contested games in second LAS House Sport Event. In the middle school volleyball the Black Lions finaaly overcame the Red Lynxes in the third deciding set. The Black Lions also clamed another victory in the High School Girls soccer match, beating the Red Lynxes 3 -1. However the Lynxes had their revenge in the boys match defeating the Lions 3 - 2. There was also excitement on the basketball court. The White Tigers showev their prowess with a 10 - 8 victory in the Girls game, and a 22 - 12 victory in the boys game.

Sport Event 1

August 21st 2013

Today the first LAS House Sports Event was held at Livingston. A tight Middle School Basketball game so the Lynxes tie 28 - 28 with the Tigers. In a thrilling High School volleyball game the Snow Leopards just did enough to defeat the Lions 2 sets to 1. Finally in Middle School Soccer the Lions already look the favourites for the league with a 7 - 1 victory over the Snow Leopards.


Well Done to all students involved it was a great first event for our house system.

Livingston School Houses Selected

August 15th, 2013

Today students and staff at Livingston American School were placed into one of four Houses. The Students then selected the name of their House and their team colour. The LAS school Houses will be the White Tigers, Red Lynxes, Silver Snow Leopards and Black Lions. Go Wildcats!



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